“The difference with my home in Norway is huge, but I love my place in Brussels”

Expat in the spotlight

Jens Schreuder dreams of a career with the European Authorities: “I came to Belgium last year to finish my Master’s in Bruges.  Then I was able to start my internship in Brussels at the EFTA Secretariat (European Free Trade Association). I help with the daily management of the EFTA Secretariat.  And I work together with the missions of the EFTA countries with the EU or other institutions.  After a busy day I enjoy relaxing in my Romeo & Juliet apartment.”


RentMore’s residence Romeo & Juliet is only a fifteen minute walk from the European district.  The lively atmosphere of the inner city fascinates Jens Schreuder: “There’s always something to do here between the pedestrian zone, the Grote Markt and the Warandepark. My apartment is a comfortable base, just what I was looking for with an open kitchen that flows into the living room, a bathroom and a large bedroom. And there’s a fantastic view from the fifth floor.”


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Historic building

When you enter Romeo & Juliet, the references to the former bank building will capture your imagination says Jens Schreuder: “I myself think it’s a beautiful building. And everyone who visits me is pleasantly surprised. The unique layout never fails to fascinate visitors. What I like most about my apartment is the spacious kitchen and my large bed. It was fully furnished right from the start. I’ve just added a few personal touches here and there: some design items, but also plants, books and small decorations. I’m really happy with my apartment!”


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“Completely different from home”

In Norway Jens Schreuder grew up in a house built in 1912: “In our wooden house in the country our furniture is mainly antique. Here you’re in the middle of the city. The apartment’s modern look is very different from my home in Norway. But I love it. The apartment, the city and … the whole country. I really love Belgium! It’s so international here! And it’s more than the people of different nationalities who live in Brussels, it’s the cultural differences throughout the whole of your country. During the pandemic I’ve travelled a lot within Belgium and it never fails to surprise me how different the languages and customs are in this small country.”


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“Go and discover the city”

Jens Schreuder encourages the other residents: “Make it a priority to go to places you normally wouldn’t go. In this way you’ll come across the most amazing places in Brussels. Really! Explore all the parks, stroll through the forests and experience the unique atmosphere in the different city districts. The English pub Churchills in the Schildknaapstraat has always been my go-to place for football matches. It’s got everything you’d expect from a pub, a pool table, interesting people and a great barman — the owner, Philip.”


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Total service from RentMore

The European Free Trade Association showed Jens Schreuder the apartment: “RentMore really makes its tenants as comfortable as possible. How? By reacting quickly to questions. They’ve got a clear form for this that you can send through to them. If you rent privately, things are a lot more difficult. As the landlords are often very busy or you can’t get hold of them. RentMore’s helpful approach takes away a huge amount of unnecessary stress and hassle. Certainly if you’re renting for a shorter period. They really help with everything — from a washing machine repair to finding the code to access my TV channels.”


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