Equal apartments are a token of respect

Expat in the spotlight

Japan continues to build upon a centuries-old tradition, based on mutual respect. But this creates an extra challenge for relocation agents, as all colleagues at the same job level must be allocated the same type of apartment. Yuri explained this social convention in more detail: “At our Japanese multinational, we make a point of keeping the atmosphere between us as positive as possible. RentMore has played an important role in this. They provided us with twenty perfectly similar apartments in Woluwe, just a stone’s throw from our Belgian headquarters”

Yuri immediately appreciated RentMore’s carefully considered approach: “Japanese are known for their love of clear logic. By Japanese standards, Brussels is not so enormous. But it is large enough to make the location of the apartments one of the first factors to be taken into consideration. If you’re living on the other side of town, you will lose many hours commuting. Thanks to RentMore, this is not a problem. They found perfect homes for us that are easy to reach.”


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“RentMore is actively building a community”

According to Yuri, a Japanese person arriving in Brussels is in for quite a culture shock: “When you are used to trains that run on time to within three seconds, every ride on public transport in Belgium is an adventure. Luckily, you can manage almost everywhere in English. This helps you feel at home quickly, especially when you consider the efforts made by RentMore. They actively work on building a community of tenants and locals. Thanks to this, we are getting to know the best and especially the ‘tastiest’ side of Brussels. This is literally making our stay carefree.”


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Relevant facilities

Brussels is first and foremost the capital of Europe, but Yuri soon discovered that the people of Brussels look beyond Europe’s borders: “Woluwe borders on Auderghem. And there you have… the Japanese School. It offers primary education and the first few years of secondary education. To do so, they receive operating funds from 2,000 Japanese companies and the Japanese government. The school brings a lot of people together. Of course, this also helps Japanese expats to quickly build a social life here. And if you can also make use of RentMore’s comprehensive services, you’ll have a great time in Brussels


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