Dream apartments during EU presidency

Expat in the spotlight

One year before beginning a specific presidency, a small delegation arrives to get things prepared. They make initial contact and smooth the path for colleagues who only arrive in Brussels later on. In doing so, they are often pleasantly surprised by RentMore’s comprehensive approach. Georg is one of those eurocrats: “It was unbelievable how flexible RentMore was in reacting to our requirements. It’s so imperative to find reliable partners, particularly in these challenging times of corona. Also, accommodation is naturally essential to everyone here in Brussels working on the crisis, on top of their usual projects. RentMore’s comprehensive approach means that ‘comfortable living’ can be guaranteed.”

Eurocrat Georg is delighted with RentMore’s approach: “By dividing Brussels into specific zones it’s much easier to make the right choice. It can be quite a challenge to grasp the city, especially for colleagues who’ve hardly been here. By linking each zone with several typical characteristics, the right location can be found more rapidly. Also, there is plenty of choice within each RentMore residence — both in terms of size and style of interior.”


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“They really listen!”

Georg noticed a positive difference right from his first contact with RentMore: RentMore really keep their promise when they say they will take account of the tenant’s personal requirements. They spend time on a personal meeting. This is used to present apartments that meet the brief. That’s quite a difference to pushing the first option that appears in the portfolio. It was remarkable how many colleagues came and told me that RentMore really listen.”


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Carefree accommodation

After a long day of complex discussions you want to come home in the evening and enjoy your precious spare time. That’s what Georg appreciated about RentMore’s comprehensive service: “There’s always someone available at RentMore. They’ll take care of what needs doing immediately — either with their own caretaking service or an external partner. Another bonus is their clear administration and proactive preparation. They make sure that each tenant can move in right away in an apartment that’s ready for use. So no wonder we like working with RentMore. They take care of all our residential concerns.”


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