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“At RentMore, they are professional, friendly, understanding, and always willing to be flexible.”

The concept of a ‘three to four-year contract’ is well established within the world of international relations – and certainly within that of embassies. Similarly, Emina Merdan received a proposal to head…
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Testimonial RentMore

Comfortable flat during British trade negotiations

The Brexit has been a fact since 1 January 2021. The UK and the EU reached a trade and cooperation agreement just days before the deadline. It contains the general arrangements…
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testimonial Americo Baptist

“We found our piece of paradise in the middle of the big city”

Americo Baptista is from Sintra in Portugal and rents a RentMore apartment in Universalis Park with his girlfriend: “We really nailed it, it’s exactly the place we were looking for.
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Dream apartments during EU presidency

Dream apartments during EU presidency

One year before beginning a specific presidency, a small delegation arrives to get things prepared. They make initial contact and smooth the path for colleagues who only arrive in Brussels…
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Is Europe continuing to grow?

Equal apartments are a token of respect

Japan continues to build upon a centuries-old tradition, based on mutual respect. But this creates an extra challenge for relocation agents, as all colleagues at the same job level must…
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