“Around the world in a single city”

Atsushi Shinoda is from Japan: "I work for a Japanese ceramics manufacturer there, and they asked me to come to Brussels to support the team of experts at their sister…
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“Extra fun because there’s three of us”

Irina Arisanu is a fibre designer from Romania: “The Belgian fibre network is in full development. This gave me the opportunity to come to Brussels to work on it. Myself…
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“Carefree stay thanks to RentMore”

Sorin Dumitru is a design engineer from Romania: “I was asked to come to Belgium for my work. I work in the telecom sector, in particular on the design of…
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“Comfortable in the centre of the city”

Bianca Larisa Moraru is a Software Engineer from Romania: “In 2019, Honeywell sent me to Antwerp to work on a long-term project. The first eight months I stayed in a…
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“RentMore makes your stay truly comfortable”

Yuto Nakashima came to Belgium at the request of his company. “My girlfriend and I found a comfortable apartment in Woluwe Promenade via RentMore. It’s especially nice to arrive here…
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Melissa Bintley

“The Meir is only a five-minute walk away”

The British Melissa Bintley started working in the Finance department at Johnson & Johnson: “They have a starter’s programme that allows you to gain experience in different countries. I signed…
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“The apartment’s great, but I miss real Spanish food”

David Hermidaz came from Spain to Brussels at the request of an international organisation: “Once I got here I found a new challenge in one of the European institutions. And…
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“RentMore keeps everything in tip-top order”

Danielle De Ridder lived for 30 years, together with her husband, in a large house in Brussels: “But we sold it seven years ago. As we wanted to go and…
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“The difference with my home in Norway is huge, but I love my place in Brussels”

Jens Schreuder came to Belgium from Norway: “First I lived in Bruges to complete my studies. Then I found a perfect apartment in Brussels through RentMore. I’m doing an internship…
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“Perfect combination of a comfortable flat and a lively neighbourhood”

Dvir Aviam Ezra moved to Brussels from Israel in January 2021: "I work in the financial sector and had to move here for my job. By far the biggest difference…
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Testimonial RentMore_2

“At RentMore, they are professional, friendly, understanding, and always willing to be flexible.”

The concept of a ‘three to four-year contract’ is well established within the world of international relations – and certainly within that of embassies. Similarly, Emina Merdan received a proposal to head…
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Testimonial RentMore

Comfortable flat during British trade negotiations

The Brexit has been a fact since 1 January 2021. The UK and the EU reached a trade and cooperation agreement just days before the deadline. It contains the general arrangements…
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