“Around the world in a single city”

Expat in the spotlight

Japan boasts several metropolitan areas that leave their European counterparts in the shade. Atsushi Shinoda was born in one of these: “Compared to Japanese cities, Brussels is extremely compact and easy to navigate. That said, the sheer diversity of this city means there’s always something new to discover. Even in the historical city centre alone, you can travel around the world in a single day — and there’s few things I love doing more. Thanks to the complete package offered by RentMore, I’ve got plenty of spare time to make new discoveries.”


Atsushi Shinoda decided on an apartment at Ernest The Park in Ixelles: “This development is located in the southern tip of the Brussels Pentagon, just a few minutes on foot from Parc d’Egmont, Parc de Bruxelles and Parc Léopold. As a result, you’re surrounded by a surprising amount of greenery. Walk the other way, and you’ll reach the Marolles in no time. Back in Japan, I grew up in a huge metropolis, and there’s not many places that can compare to that. That said, Brussels is unique due to its sheer amount of diversity: within just a few streets, you get to meet people from all corners of the world.”


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“RentMore is always ready to help you”

Atsushi Shinoda was advised to contact RentMore: “I was looking for a contemporary, spacious and stylish apartment. When we went to view Ernest The Park, the large living room immediately left a lasting impression. Everything is taken care of, so you can move in straightaway. I just needed to add a few plants and flowers to immediately feel right at home. If there’s anything else you need, a quick message to RentMore will suffice. They’ll find a solution straightaway. Sometimes, it’s all about the minor details, like the fact you can take out the bins at any time. All of that combined means you get to enjoy your place without a care.”


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“Taste the delights of Brussels for yourself”

In Atsushi Shinoda’s eyes, there is one main reason to recommend RentMore to other expats: “Their system is easy to understand. You immediately feel at ease because everything is combined on a single invoice: rent, energy costs and all other services. On top of that, they also respond quickly to any issue you might have, whether it’s to do with admin, finance or flexibility. That means you can make the most of your time in Brussels to get to know an endless range of different customs and cultures. Just like everywhere else in Brussels, this neighbourhood boasts a wide range of outdoor seating spots, cafes and restaurants, so make sure you head out to taste all those delicious beers alongside the finest dishes!


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