“At RentMore, they are professional, friendly, understanding, and always willing to be flexible.”

Expat in the spotlight

The concept of a ‘three to four-year contract’ is well established within the world of international relations – and certainly within that of embassies. Similarly, Emina Merdan received a proposal to head the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Brussels from March 2019 to March 2022: “The first step in such a new assignment is a pretty frantic search for a suitable apartment. Because if you’re going to live somewhere for three years, you want some comfort and enough breathing space. I was pleasantly surprised that RentMore came up with such a new, bright, and comfortable apartment. In that area? They really nailed it!” 

There is a lot to arrange at an embassy. Therefore, Emina Merdan had some clear expectations at the beginning of her apartment search: “I like to have some space. After a long day at the office, I really want to enjoy a relaxing moment on the sofa. When the weather is nice, I enjoy the view of the large garden inside the building complex or the sunset over Brussels from my terrace with its own little garden. This creates a unique sense of space and serenity – crucial for your privacy and the ideal counterbalance to the hectic pace of everyday life. I was immediately able to put a happy mental checkmark next to that terrace on my wish list.”


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“They really do make it as easy as possible for you”

After the first impression, Emina Merdan grew increasingly enthusiastic: “The finish of the apartment is really top-notch. In the kitchen, for example, you see only top-brand appliances. You can really whip up something good with all that. At the same time, there is plenty of room in the rest of the apartment to add little bits of your own personality. With a few deliberately chosen personal objects that have sentimental value to me, I am surrounded by fond memories of my home, family, and friends.”


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“Precisely meets safety requirements”

Emina Merdan herself was totally convinced, “They’re also flexible when it comes to administration. More importantly, they’re still just as friendly and willing to look for the best solution to your question. The invoicing is also processed extra smoothly because our embassy service can consult directly with their service. The apartment they found was really the perfect match. And yet it was still a bit suspenseful. After all, our security service does its own detailed checks. But RentMore passed that test with flying colours. The amount of attention they put into security is remarkable. This is a little easier to guarantee in a new building, of course. But that’s just yet another advantage in my opinion. Because who wouldn’t want to move into a spacious, high-quality, and brand-new apartment

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“Warmly recommended thanks to their personal approach”

When I knew I was coming to Brussels, I asked fellow ambassadors for their suggestions for a new and comfortable apartment. They recommended RentMore. And in retrospect, I’m very happy about that because their approach and service is truly ‘top notch’. That’s why I now recommend RentMore to anyone who asks me about it. And best of all: the city centre is only a few minutes’ walk away. Even here in Ixelles, around Place Fernand Cocq, you’ll find tasty restaurants, boutique shops, cheerful people, and bustling buzz: you can really feel the pulse of city life in this kind of atmosphere. In my opinion, this is really the best of different worlds. It’s going to be a great time for sure!”


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