“The Meir is only a five-minute walk away”

Expat in the spotlight

Melissa Bintley came to Antwerp thanks to the Johnson & Johnson starter’s programme. “By gaining international experience, it will be easier to work extra efficiently in the finance department. It’s a unique experience. At home, I live in a small village that’s at least half an hour from a big city. Here I can walk to the centre in 5 minutes. It’s wonderful that I found such a nice apartment here.”


“The fact that the Meir is so close is super. Although that makes shopping a huge temptation,” says Melissa. “But the location is great. I live in the Roosevelt Square residence in the centre of Antwerp. It’s a beautiful, modern, two-bedroom apartment. Because it was furnished so completely and contemporarily, I didn’t have to do a thing. I love that everything was so new and clean when I moved in.  At the same time, they also provided cosy decorations in my apartment. That’s a stroke of good fortune. Since I have a short-term lease, those purchases would have weighed heavily. Now I only had to add my photos and personal belongings.”


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“Isaac is always ready to help”

A friend advised Melissa Bintley to go to RentMore for an apartment: “He rents an apartment in Brussels. His stories about the service and the RentMore approach convinced me. The clear website immediately gave me a good impression of Roosevelt Square. After contacting RentMore, Isaac Garcia gave me a tour of the apartment. It has a unique view of the city. Thanks to the special office table, for example, I have a distinct working space. At the same time, you get many services in exchange for the all-inclusive rent, such as cleaning services. They are ready to deal with all your questions as quickly as possible.”


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“RentMore was a real find”

Melissa Bintley loves Belgium: “It’s a great country, and Antwerp is a fantastic city. Not that Britain is so far away, but still I experience quite a culture shock here. I think Antwerp is filled with friendly people, at least based on everyone I’ve met here. It is nice to make new contacts like in England but in a new setting. The city offers so many lovely and original spots. There is always something to do — from shopping to a relaxing drink on a terrace or dining at an elegant restaurant. Go and discover the city because it never ceases to surprise.”


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