“RentMore makes your stay truly comfortable”

Expat in the spotlight

Of course, Japan also has experience with history. And yet Yuto Nakashima is quite impressed. “I’m an engineer by training. That’s why my company asked me to come to Brussels for a long-term assignment. They arranged a comfortable apartment for my girlfriend and me, which we can use as a base to discover Brussels. But you can also travel to other historical cities throughout Europe. And that is enormously enriching.”


Yuto Nakashima and his girlfriend are staying in an apartment in the Woluwe Promenade residential block. “It’s close to the airport, which makes it even easier to travel. At the same time, this location is easily accessible via tram connections, so you can be in the city centre in a few minutes. And then you can take the train from there to the neighbouring cities. Our favourite? Leuven! It’s not very big, but there is so much to do. Patisserie-chocolaterie Zuut is a tasty recommendation.”



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“Immediately found our way in Brussels”

Yuto Nakashima immediately noticed that all of RentMore’s apartments are newer than most he had seen. “The fashionable interior is of the highest quality and has all the trimmings. You can move right in, as simple as that. In addition, the rooms are large enough to accommodate a number of Japanese items, so we can enjoy new and personal items. It’s nice that RentMore regularly brings in a window cleaner. And… that we can put out the rubbish whenever we want. That makes it easy to keep everything clean. When you combine that with the friendly support during the residence registration, you immediately know why we are such big fans of RentMore.”


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“Wonderful place full of new experiences”

Thanks to RentMore’s proactive follow-up, Yuto Nakashima and his girlfriend received their resident card and other documents without any problems. “This meant we could immediately go out and discover the surroundings of our new home. We really love Belgium.  As Japanese, we love the ambience.  There is so much good food here, unlike anything we’ve tasted back in Japan. It’s also easy to travel to other places in Belgium or the rest of Europe. We’re enjoying ourselves to the fullest. That’s our advice to all fellow expats: go exploring and collect as many different experiences as possible.”


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