“We found our piece of paradise in the middle of the big city”

Expat in the spotlight

Americo Baptista is from Sintra in Portugal and rents a RentMore apartment in Universalis Park with his girlfriend: “We really nailed it, it’s exactly the place we were looking for. Feel free to view it as a beautiful piece of nature in the middle of the big city. We have the whole city at our fingertips, and there is always plenty to do. And we have our own piece of paradise in which to unwind. It’s fantastic.”

Universalis Park is located next to the green campuses of the VUB and the ULB. They are easily accessible says Americo Baptista: “We live close to the metro and train station. It really is a ‘chill zone’ here. Especially during the pandemic, our garden and the park behind it are so valuable. If the weather is nice, we can go outside. There is enough space in the park to train. Despite this difficult period, we can still have a very good time.”


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In complete confidence

Three years ago, Americo Baptista was looking for an apartment in Brussels for his assignment near the European Commission: “Every agency I called while I was still in Portugal refused to propose an apartment. They wanted to meet me in Brussels to check if I could pay before showing me any flats. RentMore was the only agency that trusted me immediately and they made sure my apartment was ready when I arrived in Brussels. This mutual trust was very important to me. This makes RentMore very special for me.”


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New place, even more comfort

In the meantime, Americo Baptista continued his career at Telenet: “Our first RentMore apartment was in the middle of the city. It was very handy. I did everything by bicycle. We managed to do without a car for two years. But when I changed jobs, we thought it would be nice to find a slightly quieter place. Thanks to Gezabel, we discovered Universalis Park. She listened to us carefully and knew exactly what we were looking for. Proven by the fact that when we entered, we immediately felt at home.”


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Everything quickly arranged

Americo Baptista appreciates that RentMore proactively helps to maximise comfort: “In my first apartment, the owner had changed the utility arrangements overnight. Due to a misunderstanding, I had missed that. As a result, the electricity and water were cut off. That was a big problem. But RentMore came to the rescue straight away. Their intervention ensured it quickly became a minor problem, and then no longer a problem at all. (laughs) They are literally ready to jump in straight away. This gives me reassurance.”


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Warm recommendation

Americo Baptista’s enthusiasm is contagious: “I am really satisfied with RentMore. So satisfied that I recommended RentMore to fellow countrymen who came here from Portugal. And they enjoyed the same success I did, because they too have an apartment in which they are very comfortable. In any case, I will continue to pass on Gezabel’s contact number. She really is great in her profession: she finds exactly what people are looking for. Absolutely recommend her!”


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