5 good reasons to choose Antwerp as an expat

Would you like to work abroad as an expat? Then the first European cities that come to mind might be famous ones such as Paris, London or Brussels, but Antwerp is also a true metropolis. Below we will name 5 reasons to choose Antwerp as an expat.

Have you already decided that you want to move to Antwerp? We will give you a few tips to help you find furnished rental apartments in Antwerp.


A lot of employment opportunities

A good reason to choose Antwerp that you will certainly find an interesting job at one of the multinationals, SMEs or the port. Or opt for a brilliant career in Antwerp’s flourishing diamond sector.


Affordable flats in Antwerp

Compared to cities such as London or Paris, life in Antwerp is much cheaper. For example, through RentMore, you can rent a luxury, furnished apartment at a prime location in Antwerp from € 1150 per month. The modern apartments have a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and a fridge with freezer or separate freezer section. The building also has camera security, access control with badges, a Bringme Box and a burglar-resistant front door.

In addition, there is a reasonably large number of rental apartments in Antwerp, so you will have plenty of choice. There are also various organisations, such as RentMore, which specialise in renting out to expats. They are happy to help you find a suitable apartment.

affordable apartment

Dynamic city with a lot of culture

Antwerp is a very pleasant city to live in as there is always something to do. The historic centre of Antwerp is very cosy. It is bustling with bars, restaurants, shops, museums and boutiques.

On the Meir you can do some fantastic shopping and from the Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) you can enjoy an impressive view over the city. In Brewery de Koninck you can follow a fun, interactive tour through the brewery and if you like good food, then you are definitely in the right place in Antwerp.

In addition, each district has a unique and individual character. Discover which Antwerp district suits you best here.


Vibrant expat culture

vibrant expat culture prevails in Antwerp. As a newcomer in the city, you can easily build a new life. You can easily meet new people through organisations such as internations and Meetup or via facebook groups such as Expats in Antwerp.

Vibrant expat culture

Centrally located

Antwerp is very centrally located. By car you can easily travel to cities such as Brussels, Ghent, Bruges or Liège. The Thalys will get you to Paris within a few hours, the EuroStar will take you to London in no time and Amsterdam is not far either.

Antwerp also has an airport where you can easily fly to different destinations within Europe.


Furnished apartments in Antwerp

Are you convinced of Antwerp’s charm and are you looking for an apartment in the city? At RentMore we specialise in the rental of luxurious, furnished apartments in Antwerp. The advantages of renting through RentMore:

  • A lot of flexibility: we offer rental periods from 6 months and the cancellation is limited to 1 month.
  • We have over 20 years of experience in renting out furnished apartments to expats. You can rely on our expertise.
  • With us you get one clear price. We work with an all-in invoice, so you always know exactly what you pay for.
  • If you rent an apartment through RentMore, you will receive one liaison. He or she arranges everything for you. In addition, you can call an emergency number around the clock with all your questions.
  • We know the city and the regulations and are happy to help you with your administration as a new inhabitant of Antwerp.

Check out the available furnished apartments in our new housing development project Roosevelt Square here. This apartment complex is within walking distance of the Central Station and the center of Antwerp. From these beautifully furnished apartments you also have a beautiful view of the city skyline.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us for more information or make an appointment for a tour around an apartment.

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