Visiting RentMore apartments in times of a pandemic

After several weeks in lockdown, we’re finally allowed to resume our activities again. But how exactly do you approach property visits during this corona pandemic? If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this crisis, it’s that property visits will be a bit different from now on. In this blog article, we’ll offer you a short overview of what to expect when visiting our rental apartments.

Visiting RentMore apartments in times of a pandemic

Respecting precautions

Since the 11th of May, anyone looking to rent an apartment can arrange a visit with RentMore. We want to ensure that all measures put in place to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus are respected at all times. Therefore, we take the necessary precautions when welcoming candidate tenants to visit an apartment.

Some general measures which apply to both RentMore staff members and visitors are: avoiding physical contact, keeping a distance of 1.5 metres from one another and the taking elevators with max.1 person at a time.


Measures for RentMore employees

Our staff can’t wait to show you around our rental apartments in person again. In order to do so, they follow strict guidelines to guarantee your safety at all times:

  • Wearing face masks and gloves throughout the visit
  • Carrying hand sanitiser to guarantee a safe entrance of the building
  • Disinfecting the apartment before and after each visit


Measures for visitors

If you experience any of the following symptoms, we would like to ask you to stay at home and reschedule your appointment. Symptoms such as: coughing, sneezing, cold, sore throat and rising body temperature.

If you do not have any of these symptoms, we have prepared some precautions for you:

  • As a visitor you wear a face mask during the visit (available on-site)
  • Elevators contain 1 person at a time and buttons will be operated by our staff members
  • Our staff members open all doors and closets (inside and outside the apartment)


After the visit

After each visit, there will be enough time between appointments for our staff to disinfect the apartment.

Check out this video showing how we approach an on-site visit.

Virtual tour

Can’t visit the apartment in person? Don’t worry, RentMore offers virtual tours and images of the properties. This way, you will have a very good idea of what the apartment looks like without having to visit it. The best part is, a virtual tour offers you as many details as a real-life tour in the apartment itself.

We hope to see you soon. Stay healthy!

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