“Carefree stay thanks to RentMore”

Expat in the spotlight

The communication world is ready for a new step in the story. And Romanian Sorin Dumitru helps make that possible. As a design engineer, he helps design the fibre optic network infrastructure in Belgium: “RentMore was easy to find on the internet. They helped me find a modern and comfortable apartment near the airport. It’s ideal!”


Sorin Dumitru chose a two bedroom apartment in Woluwe Promenade: “It’s near the airport. This means I can easily travel home to Romania. And the location is easy to reachthanks to the public transport and the excellent roads. I found it when I was already in Belgium. The website gave me a very good indication of the residence. It was immediately apparent that RentMore has many attractive offers, with great apartments at a reasonable price. We got answers to all our questionsduring the visit.”


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“Immediately ready for use”

When Sorin Dumitru got in touch with RentMore, he already knew what he wanted from his apartment. “The two bedrooms are easy. Just like the open kitchen. This ensures a nice atmosphere when you receive guests. It helps you continue chatting, even from the kitchen. For the rest, it is simple but beautifully finished. You have everything you need, from a stove to a dishwasher and all the furnishings you need to get up and running. As such, I feel relaxed and calm here. In the meantime, we’ve been here long enough to experience the whole environment and get to know it well. I appreciate that it’s so green and relaxed. And if I need something, I can get the right help immediately from RentMore.


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“Get out and make great discoveries”

When Sorin Dumitru compares Brussels to his home in Romania, he can list many pleasant advantages. “Everyone you meet here is open and positive. The traffic is much quieter. In Romania, you can hear people beeping their horns all the time and they all seem stressed. This makes you feel tense. But here, – even in the middle of town – you can chill out and walk around. There is also lots of green, like the park around the corner. I highly recommend a visit. I sometimes hear people complain about the public transport or traffic. But they should go and experience Romania before complaining so much. And here, there are so many nice places to go. Hence my advice to fellow expats: dive into the city and go exploring.”


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