“Extra fun because there’s three of us”

Expat in the spotlight

The Belgian operators are intensely focused on the development of a fibre optic network. To help with this, fibre designer Irina Arisanu came to Brussels from Romania: “Thanks to this fibre optic cable, communication will be even faster. I found a fantastic RentMore apartment, together with two roommates. We all made it our own, and after work, we love enjoying our luxury home.”


Together with two colleagues, Irina Arisanu chose a two-bedroom apartment on Woluwe Promenade: “It’s in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, with lots of greenery across the street. That was a major bonus straight away. Here, you can combine accessibility with surprising tranquility. Especially since we live so close to the city centre and the airport.  Our apartment is spacious enough for everything we need to feel at home. It’s great to curl up in a comfy chair in the large living room with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate and watch a film. The furniture in the kitchen, bathroom, and the bedrooms is beautiful. There are Miele appliances for great cooking. Everything really is as you would expect here.”


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“Warm welcome from RentMore”

Together with her colleagues, Irina Arisanu searched for a comfortable apartment close to their work: “The website quickly made us realise that RentMore had a wide range of contemporary contenders. We were also pleasantly surprised by the fast and friendly communication. The whole rental process is so professional that everything went super smoothly. What’s more, their administration is transparent and low-threshold. We had a viewing in no time. In the apartments, you are struck by how new everything is and how much effort has gone into the finish. There is an option to choose extra services, so we found the perfect mix of comfort and affordability. But the location is a surprise too. There are great views of beautiful greenery. And Zaventem park is nearby.”


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“Friendly and enthusiastic people”

Irina Arisanu says the unpredictable weather is the biggest difference with Romania: “The fact you can have heavy rainfall and then sunshine all of a sudden, that’s remarkable. But I especially love Belgium because it is so peaceful here. It may seem normal to be surrounded by beautiful nature. But these fascinating views are unique. Then combine that with the friendly and lively people and you’ll completely understand why I am having such a good time here. In the parks and even in the city, the greenery connects me to nature and gives me energy. I would advise anyone to get out there and enjoy the Belgian hospitality to the full.”


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